Soprano Ukulele Black with Gig Bag and Online Ukulele Course

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Soprano Ukulele with Gig Bag and Free Lessons The Stretton Payne Soprano Ukulele has great construction and produces a lovely tone. The quality of this ukulele is fantastic and it has a gloss finish. It is tuned to GCEA and has four mechanical machine heads to keep it in perfect tune. It includes a Gig Bag and beginner course from Rock Star Academy Online Music School Soprano Ukulele’s are used in many schools as an introduction to stringed instruments. Its small body and narrow neck make it perfect for children to embark on a journey of musical discovery. Despite its small size the Stretton Payne Soprano Ukulele produces a rich and varied tone. It is enchanting for even the most practised musician and is a great addition to any musicians repertoire. Includes Free Beginner Course This ukulele includes a membership to Rock Star Academy Online Music School’s Introduction to Ukulele Course. The course takes you from absolute beginner through to playing your first full piece of music. The course includes tuition videos, tabs and mp3 samples. With this course you will be playing in no time. Age 2+Strings NylonString Length 35.2cmLength 53cmNut Width 3.5cmWidth 1 13cmWidth 2 17cmBody Depth 5.5cmMaterial Linden Wood