Stretton Payne LP Style Electric Guitar Package with Amplifier, Padded Bag, Strap, Lead, Plectrums, Tuner, Spare Strings and Online Guitar Lessons. Guitar in Gold Top

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Stretton Payne LP Style Electric Guitar Package with AmplifierEverything You Need To Get Started On Electric GuitarThis Stretton Payne Les Paul style guitar is incredible value for money with everything you?d expect from a much more expensive guitar. The awesome guitar gives of a real cool vibe with the black finish and has a great feel and balance when holding the guitar. The body is solid mahogany at the back with a solid maple cap on the front so the guitar weighs in at a nice chunky 4kg weight. The Maple neck is glued set in to the body which is the best way to attach the neck to the body giving ultimate sustain. The bridge is a Tune-o-matic stop tail which means the pole pieces of the bridge are screwed into the body and transfer the vibrations from the strings into the wood adding to the awesome sustain of the guitar. Also the Tune-o-matic bridge helps keep the guitar in perfect tune because there no tremolo messing with the string tensions. The neck has a rosewood finger board can be fully adjusted with a two way truss rod making the action really easy to set. The bridge can be hired or lowered by turning the screws so you can simply adjust the height of the string of the fretboard to suit your style. The guitar is loaded with 2 humbucker pickups with individual volume and tone controls on the guitar. The selector switch on the guitar allows you to swap between the pickups or use both together. Chrome hardware and tuners add to the look and feel and the chrome strap pins allows you to comfortably add a strap to the guitar. This Stretton Payne LP electric guitar is fully tuned and set-up ready to play by us in Hinckley UK directly before we send it out. Pack Includes 10 Watt Amp with Overdrive Channel Padded Bag Strap Lead Plectrums Electronic Tuner Spare Strings Online Guitar Lessons Full Stretton Payne 1 year Warranty